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About the Glastonbury Buddhist Community

We’ve moved!  Our new website is now thebuddhistcentre.com/glastonbury.


Latest News

New season of classes starts on Tuesday (Monday no more!) January 8th 2013th. 

The team is the same – Lokabandhu, Julian, Roger and Helen; and we’ll still be meeting at Lantern Cottage from 7.30-9.30pm.

Contacts: Lokabandhu: 07852 281750 or 01458 830957


  1. Dear Lokabandhu,

    Dharmapriya from Germany told me that you have had undertaken a kind of internal survey about Triratna some years ago.
    I have the idea to plan a survey about the development of Triratna and address many centres to find out something about the internal structure of Triratna today.

    Could you please tell me about your survey, questionnaire and results you got from your survey?

    Thank you for your answer and with metta from Germany, Wolfgang F. Ross

  2. Hi Lokabandhu,
    was just having a look to see if you put up the photo of the beautiful shrine that we created last Tuesday….!

    I dropped by on Thursday afternoon (as a result of your open invite to enjoy the room & books!) but there was nobody home…..

    It was a lovely evening as was the Milarepa event.

    Thanks for your welcome.
    Claire 🙂

  3. Hi dear lokabandhu , i was wondering if your going to be doing anything in Glastonbury on the 11/11/11 , would love to come down on that date and meditate with my sister and friend and anyone else who wants to join in

    thanks stephanie

    • hi stephanie, thanks for the message, YES! there will be an all-night meditation on 11-11-11, plan is to run it from 10pm-5am with a walk to the Tor and fire meditation somewhere in the middle of the night. Maybe phone me and we can discuss more details? Xlb

  4. excellent.

  5. excellent article in oracle.very accurate.hope we can unite inc town hall-tourist board! am helping.

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